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Sewing Lessons Online

Make Clothes You Love.



Should I subscribe the DIY Sewing Course?

  • YES, if you want
    • to sew or customize own clothes (to yourself or others) with up-to-date  fashionable patterns
    • to improve your sewing skills, but
      • can't travel far away to attend a sewing classes
      • the sewing classes opening hours do not fit your busy schedule
    • to have made-to-measure patterns, which do not need altering or taping together after printing
    • to learn professional pro tips & techniques from the certified sewing teacher and qualified stylist


How long will it take to get a finished item?

You can see the estimated sewing time from our DIY project description.

In general, we are designing the projects so that there is

    • maximum 60 minutes projects for beginners
    • weekend projects for intermediates
    • longer designs for advanced home sewers


I can see you can do it super professionally, but how can I do it?

To get the professional results from our course, follow along with me in each session.

Also with our videos, you can rewind and replay the difficult techniques over and over again as long you get it right. You can even take your computer, phone or tablet next to your sewing machine and watch the videos next to your sewing machine.


Will the items I make look a little 'homemade' – will they look stylish and like from a store?


No, items will not look homemade they will look right from the store if you follow our instructions carefully.

But a word of caution is needed here anyway. First, you will be happy when people say that your clothes look like from a store. But eventually, after long sewing hours, you start to feel annoyed, since your items are much better quality than in the store. Finally, nobody notices anymore your hard work. People are just wondering, why you look always stylish!

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