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Sewing Lessons Online

Make Clothes You Love.

Even before I learned to read,  I learned to sew and knit. Just the other day I found my childhood memory book what was kept by my mother. After reading it trough, I just realized that one of my childhood dreams was to become a sewing teacher.


Somehow I ended up to be an Engineer and later even continued to Master of Science in Engineering. Got married to the guy and had twins 20 years ago. Surprisingly, I just remembered at the time that I can make children's clothes myself. I can still remember what it meant to sew 16 shirts and 16 leggings in the one evening without a serger.


At some point, I just realized that I would like to make my clothes. I just tried hundreds of ready-to-made patterns over the years.  Well, the patterns worked well for babies and toddlers, but I had huge problems. Could you believe that even having a waist was a problem? I only taught that not to have one is the problem.


After tons of sewing frustration, I finally took leave off absence for two years and headed into the school to be a professional dressmaker. I wanted to learn to draw my sewing patterns, but I got much more. I learned the patterns  and professional sewing techniques. I took extra classes for 6 months to specialize in upcycling and became a qualified stylist. Surprisingly my clothes started to fit and made me look and feel good, confident and happy.


In Finland, we get the education free, so it was an easy task to go to the school. But I know that most of the countries do not have this luxury and studying is expensive. Therefore I decided to share my knowledge fraction of fashion school costs.



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